(Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ - How Our Services Work

How Buying Works?

For your convenience, we offer multiple delivery choices. This includes in-game trade or mailbox, CoD, The Auction House method (we cover the fee), and an additional delivery method where we provide 20% bonus in value, a method considered high level players use due to the item bonus value. Details regarding this method are disclosed upon purchase.

How Do The Boosting Work?

The Boost services have unique set of rules which we require to be respected by our customers. These set of rules ensures entire process remains smooth and quality of service stays high. You can find the boosting rules on the "Boosts" section of our shop. For boosting rules, check here .

How Account Buying Works?

Full game credentials will be provided to you once a payment is made. For record keeping purposes, we only deliver these credentials on your payment's method e-mail address. Please double-check before making a payment to be sure that you've chosen the correct zone (NA / EU) and realm / realm type.

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

Yes we do. Our general refund policy is: If you do not get your purchased game item or game account within 24 hours you are entitled to a full refund without questions asked. We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders. By using our website and services you automatically agree to our Terms of Service and Refund Policy. Do check them!
The character "Boost" service has different set of rules, before buying, please make sure that you are okay with our Refund Policy & Terms of Service.